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Desktop Ticker Change Log (Windows)


Version 1.12 (16 November 2017)

  • Font can now be changed.
  • Added support for Windows 10 virtual desktops.
  • Added support for TLS 1.2 servers.
  • Added support for HTTP compression.
  • Added option to show icon in the notification area.
  • Taskbar icon can now be completely disabled.
  • Corrected link URL for Atom feeds.
  • Atom feeds can now be set to use either updated time or published time (useful for YouTube feeds).
  • Ticker can be stopped from scrolling (speed 0).
  • Startup feed error window can be disabled, and is by default.
  • The feed list can now be sorted.
  • Feed tooltips can now be disabled.
  • Added delay to feed loading when PC is resuming from sleep to allow network to connect.
  • Clicking on a feed item with the middle button will now hide it.
  • Changed menu button icon.
  • Maximum font size increased to 96.
  • Yahoo stocks feed removed.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.11 (2 May 2016)

  • Items can be hidden without viewing by holding down the Control key whilst clicking.
  • Animated GIF images can now animate.
  • The ticker can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel.
  • Option added to show buttons allowing the ticker to jump to the next or previous feed.
  • Added options to indicate gain or loss on stock symbols.
  • Added connection timeout settings to the configuration file.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.10.1 (12 June 2015)

  • Fix for crash when closing the application whilst feeds are loading.
  • Fix for System.Web errors.
  • Reduced connection timeout to 15 seconds.


Version 1.10 (26 March 2015)

  • Text and image files can now be added to the feed list.
  • Items can be hidden from the ticker.
  • Color scheme can match title bar color on Windows 8.
  • RSS icon is displayed in the same colour as the text.
  • Switched to time based scrolling and added 30/60Hz switch.
  • Ticker size now adjusts for high DPI displays.
  • Added support for .NET 4.0.


Version 1.9.3 (10 November 2014)

  • Fix for bug where the application would disappear on Windows 8.


Version 1.9.2 (27 October 2014)

  • Bug fixes.


Version 1.9.1 (21 September 2014)

  • Added option to use a browser style user agent string when downloading feeds.


Version 1.9 (8 September 2014)

  • Added option to display feed item images.
  • Added support for RSS enclosures.
  • Added option to outline text.
  • Added option to make the application become opaque when under the mouse cursor.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.8 (12 February 2014)

  • Added option to display feed title images.
  • Added option to sort the feed items.
  • Added option to limit the number of feed items displayed.
  • Removed the copyright message from the ticker.
  • Fixed issue with docking on high DPI displays.


Version 1.7 (6 May 2013)

  • Added option to scroll left to right.
  • Added option to prevent ticker hiding behind fullscreen applications.
  • Added new color schemes (white, grey, blue).
  • Added option to automatically generate custom color scheme based on background color.
  • Moved show reload button option from Options window to menu.
  • Moved check for updates option from Options window to About window.
  • Fixed issue where settings would not be saved if user had no access to temp folder.
  • Fixed issue where text case option would not reset to default.


Version 1.6.1 (11 March 2012)

  • Enabled Windows Authentication.
  • Fixed issue with some stock symbol titles.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.6 (2 August 2011)

  • Fixed issue with high DPI displays.
  • Added option to show ticker text in lowercase or uppercase.
  • Added feed list import and export functions.
  • Added feed performance form showing load time for each feed.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version (14 June 2011)

  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.5 (11 June 2011)

  • Added option to synchronize feed list with Windows Common Feed List (requires Internet Explorer 7 or greater).
  • Added support for file system feed addresses, for example file://c:\rss_feed.xml.
  • Added more opacity options.
  • Ticker window no longer stays on top of fullscreen applications.
  • Added an option to flash the taskbar button when a feed is updated.
  • Added help links to options windows.
  • Feed jump list now shows new and total item count for each feed.
  • Added glass effect to dialog windows (requires Windows Vista or greater with suitable display adapter).
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.4 (16 February 2011)

  • Added faster scrolling speed options.
  • Added option to prevent ticker overlapping other windows when docked.
  • Added option to prevent ticker always staying on top of other windows.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.3 (23 November 2010)

  • The list of feeds and other settings can now be stored in the same location as the application file instead of the user profile, allowing transfer on removable storage such as USB memory.
  • Application now searches HTML web pages for feed addresses.
  • Summary tooltips now show last updated time.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.2.1 (27 July 2010)

  • Corrected behaviour on multiple monitor systems.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.2 (12 April 2010)

  • Added a faster scroll speed.
  • Added an option to change the font size.
  • Added an option to customize the color scheme.
  • Added an option to play a sound when a feed is updated.
  • Reduced CPU usage.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.1 (24 February 2010)

  • Added an option to display customized stock information from Yahoo! Finance.
  • Increased space between items.
  • Added an option to turn off divider lines between items.
  • Added an option to dock the ticker to the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Added four default feeds.
  • Added an alternative color scheme (black).
  • Application now warns when adding duplicate feeds.
  • Application now adds "http://" to URLs added with no protocol.
  • Increased default ticker speed.
  • Feeds and Options window settings now saved immediately rather than when application is closed.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.0.3 (23 November 2009)

  • Right clicking on either scroll button now shows a list of all the currently displayed feeds, allowing you to jump directly to a particular feed.
  • Added a View button on the Manage Feeds form, to allow you to view the raw feed in a web browser.
  • Improved feed loading times, particularly with many feeds.
  • Improved feed handling to work with more sites.
  • Minor bug fixes.




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